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Get All The Facts About A Car Lease

While the most popular automotive financing option is undoubtedly a car loan, a car lease can be a good alternative for certain drivers. Leases are only available on new vehicles. If you're looking for a new Chevy or BMW in Lafayette, DeFOUW Automotive has a wide selection of quality vehicles that you may be able to lease. A car lease is an especially good option for drivers who don't put a lot of miles on their vehicles, and it may even be cheaper than a car loan for these drivers. However, motorists who put a lot of miles on their vehicles may want to opt for a car loan.

At our Lafayette, IN car dealership, drivers can learn everything they need to know about their car lease options. Schedule an appointment with our financial experts today to visit our BMW & GM financial center.

Check Out Your Car Loan Options

While a car lease is a useful alternative to a car loan, a loan will be the right option for the majority of buyers. It's important to keep in mind that new, Certified Pre-Owned and used vehicles can all be obtained with a car loan. Only new vehicles can be procured with a car lease. Also, a car loan does not include any mileage restrictions, unlike a car lease. Finally, the buyer will own the vehicle free and clear at the end of a car loan. A car lease ends with the driver returning the vehicle to the dealership.

Speak to the experienced and friendly finance professionals at our Lafayette, IN car dealership to get more information on your car loan choices. Stop by our BMW and Chevy dealership in Lafayette, IN today.

Auto financing at our BMW and Chevy dealership in Lafayette, IN.

Start The Financing Process Online

DeFOUW Automotive makes the financing process as convenient as possible by offering a financing pre-approval application through our website. Once you've found the vehicle you're looking for in our online inventory, you can submit the pre-approval application for this specific vehicle. The application should only take a couple of minutes to complete. The results should come up in 30 seconds or less.

Once you've received the results from your financing pre-approval application, drop by our Lafayette, IN car dealership today so our associates can finalize your car loan.

Convenient Trade-In Process

Many prospective car buyers plan to trade in their current vehicle to get a credit toward their next car. Some dealerships make this process a real pain, but we try and make it as convenient as possible. Our website even has a trade-in estimation tool that'll give you an approximate value on your vehicle.

Bring your current vehicle into DeFOUW Automotive, a premier Lafayette, IN car dealership, for a final trade-in offer today. If you have a BMW in Lafayette or any other vehicle, we're the right dealership to take your trade-in.

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Drivers in Lafayette, Frankfort IN, Crawfordsville, Monticello IN and Delphi IN and elsewhere in the Lafayette, IN area are always welcome to stop by our BMW and GM financial center to learn more about their financing options. At our Lafayette, IN car dealership, we offer a wide variety of car leases and car loans to qualified buyers. We are an authorized BMW and Chevy dealership in Lafayette, IN, so we can help prospective car buyers finance new vehicles from two of the finest manufacturers in the world. If you're looking for a practical Chevy or a luxurious BMW in Lafayette, DeFOUW Automotive is the place. Come see us today.

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